ActiveImage Protector(AIP)解決方案(英)


NetJapan's backup solution protects your important data, systems, applications and computer settings. Backup files can be saved directly to local or network storage devices such as NAS / SAN, or external hard disks.


By storing backup files onsite, you can eliminate transmission and download wait times, restore instantly, or start up as a virtual machine.



These days, ransomware poses a significant threat to businesses, damaging critical systems and data beyond natural disasters. Recent cyber attacks have expanded the targets of attacks not only through local machines but also through local networks.


Be sure to keep a backup copy offsite as well, to strengthen your defenses against ransomware attacks. By using ImageCenter LE with ActiveImage Protector, you can replicate backup files to another destination.


You can select a local hard disk, network storage such as NAS or SAN, in-house remote site, SFTP, FTPS, FTP, WebDAV, Amazon S3 cloud storage, etc. as the storage destination.


ImageCenter LE comes standard with most ActiveImage Protector solutions or can be downloaded free of charge.


By installing ImageCenter LE on a different server from the server on which ActiveImage Protector is installed, you can perform the replication process without placing a load on the machine that performs the backup.



More companies are storing backups in the cloud. This is partly due to the increased network bandwidth on the Internet and easier access to the cloud than before.


With ImageCenter LE, you can replicate full or incremental backups to Amazon S3 cloud storage or your own cloud storage.



It is important to take regular backups to protect your data, but if you need to restore, can you make sure your backup image can be restored?


Testing the integrity of backup files is a very important process in business continuity planning, but it can be overlooked by many companies because of the complexity and time required.


A variety of check functions are incorporated in the NetJapan solution, and you can check the integrity of the backup.


・Backup notification:
Notify you by e-mail when the backup task has completed successfully or has failed.

・Verify backup file integrity:
To verify the integrity of backup files at the sector level, ActiveImage Protector verifies the backup contents by hash value. It ensures that the backup file is not corrupted.

・Check if the backup file can be started:
A complete backup file does not guarantee that the restored system will boot. In some cases, the startup settings may be corrupted, or the driver may be abnormal and may not be able to start. You can use BootCheck to check if the backup file can actually be started.

・Browse the contents of the backup file:
If you want to restore only one file or folder from a backup file, you can easily browse the contents without having to assign a drive letter and mount the backup file.



Instant availability tools allow you to start your system immediately after a system failure.


・ Temporary failover:
Boot backup files in a virtual environment within two minutes as a temporary failover solution. Until the failed system or failed hardware is repaired, it can be used as a temporary machine to access data.

ImageBoot is an instant availability tool that comes standard with most ActiveImage Protectors and is available free of charge.

・ Continuous failover:
When a failure occurs, it can be started as a virtual machine in a virtual environment such as Microsoft Hyper-V or VMware ESXi in less than 2 minutes from the backup image file created by ActiveImage Protector.


Create a bootable virtual standby machine based on the backup file of a physical machine or ActiveImage Protector, and switch stably at any time. When the incremental backup is performed on the original server, the incremental file is also converted to a P2V bootable boot point based on the incremental file, so that the standby virtual machine can always be started up to date.

These instant availability tools are the vStandby functions included in ActiveImage Protector 2018 for Windows and vStandby AIP.



Depending on the failure and available resources, you can select a restore option.

・Restore entire system or volume:
Bare metal recovery restores system settings and data to the state before the failure occurred. The destination can be the original hardware or another hardware or hypervisor. This function is included in all ActiveImage Protector.

・ Restore files or folders:
With ActiveImage Protector's File Restore, ImageExplorer and Image Mount, you can individually restore selected files and folders from a volume or whole system backup file.



Temporary Failover After using the instant availability tool, the failback process is to repair the failed system or failed hardware and return it to the pre-failure infrastructure.


To do so, use the ActiveImage Protector recovery environment. Choose the latest automatically created differential backup file from the ImageBoot failover solution and restore it to repair or new hardware.

ActiveImage Protector™ 2018 重複資料刪除,節省空間的高效能系統備份軟體

總部位於日本東京的 Actiphy 公司,是集系統備份、系統災難復原和虛擬化功能為一身的軟體研發商。全新ActiveImage Protector(AIP) 2018 統一跨平台用戶體驗,Windows 和 Linux版本擁有一致性的使用者介面,遠端功能可讓管理者直觀的看到任務執行的狀態,並且支援 Windows 10,於台灣地區發行繁體中文版。

ActiveImage Protector是全球一款支援目前最新EFI與GPT磁碟格式的備份軟體。EFI的產生是因為該電腦使用了uEFI(Unified Extensible Firmware Interface)BIOS,該環境會自動將 Windows 2008/ 2012/ 2012R2/ 2016 Server 或是 Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 磁區前面的100~200MB的隱藏磁區格式從NTFS轉成EFI,因為裡面包含了開機資訊,如果在還原時沒有還原該磁區,Windows系統是無法正確啟動的,而市面上大部分的備份軟體無法辨認到EFI磁碟格式,也無法備份。而ActiveImage Protector掌握了目前最新的電腦技術,對於EFI和GPT磁區可以正確的辨認和備份。



  • 重複資料刪除壓縮功能(Inline Deduplication Compression)
  • 多磁碟同時快照並且合併成單一映像檔,讓資料零落差
  • 支援WebDAV雲端空間作為異地副本
  • 支援VMware ESXi5/6離線備份並進行重複資料刪除
  • 支援EFI / GPT磁區備份
  • 支援線上系統直接虛擬轉換
  • 高效率Hyper-V環境備份與Re-Zoon還原技術
  • 採用選單化界面操作Linux系統備份
  • 支援Linux MySQL DB線上備份
  • 快速災難OS復原,異機還原,虛擬還原

Actiphy 產品列表


  • ActiveImage Protector Virtual
  • ActiveImage Protector Hyper-V Enterprise


  • ActiveImage Protector 2018 Desktop / Server
  • ActiveImage Protector Linux
  • ActiveImage Protector 5.0 Desktop / Server


  • ActiveVisor


  • HyperBoot


  • ImageCenter LE


  • ImageBoot
  • vStandby AIP